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Bahr Sea Moss Capsules

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Wild Crafted straight from the coast in Jamaica. Bahr is a special blend of Sea moss, Bladder wrack , and Burdock root . A power house of multi mineral nutrition  for ultimate energy for your body to take on the day ! 



  • May support in Ridding of mucus and calcification from the body

  • May support with Supplying high amounts of oxygen to the organs and brain

  • May support in Decalcifying the pineal gland

  • May Strengthen bones and boost immune system

  • May support hair growth and repair

  • Provides natural B12 and chlorophyll


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Sea Moss 

 Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. 

Sea Moss supports joint and skin health, and its wide range of nutrients serve as a natural mineral supplement.

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100% Vegan ingredients and capsules . 

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Thyroid Support  

Iodine content assist with thyroid regulation