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Rae Hyperpigmentation Cleanse

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Our skin is the frontline to protecting our internal organs , dealing with intense sunlight , UVA & UVB damage , harsh products, and the list goes on .  Hyperpigmentation is a pesky problem that a lot of women and men deal with . Hyperpigmentation is  dark patches of skin caused by an increase melanin . With hormonal changes , exposure of sun, illness, and medications . 

Don't allow hyperpigmentation ruin your confidence no longer . Rae, are designed to help the discoloration , help fade existing dark spots, and help brighten up  dullness of uneven skin . Helping clear and maintain a glowing skin over time ! 

Two Capsules a day help fight the pigmentation and reviling the glowing skin within ! 


A herbal blend of herbs that help reduce dark spots ,  help even tone the skin and help with giving your skin the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and glowing