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Stress Recovery

Stress Recovery increases the body's resistance to physical, mental, and environmental stress and helps to defend against conditions brought on by a high -stress lifestyle. 
formulated with highly apoptogenic herbs, each plant works together to help the body respond to more stress without exaggerating the response . 
So a less overwhelming feeling you can take today and own it ! 
Ingredients : Ashwagandha, Schisandra, Eleuthero 
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Stress Recovery 

Stress Recovery is a herbal  blend of Adaptogens herbs , to help you ground .  When dealing with occasional stress, your body aims to protect you from the effects of exposure to stress hormones. Thus, your brain , can downregulate the entire HPA axis which can make us feel tired during the day, but sometimes wired in the evening

Adaptogens help normalize and regulate the healthy function of this feedback loop and can assist not only healthy energy levels, but also by supporting our circadian rhythm .

Adaptogens support non-specific resilience to stressors and reestablish our intrinsic physical, mental, and emotional adaptive capacity.

Benefits & Uses
Aids those who may feel rundown or overworked Assists healthy energy levels, stamina and endurance Maintains healthy adrenal activity during occasional stress

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grounding Ayurvedic adaptogen and nervine that assists healthy thyroid and adrenal function, supports mental and physical stamina, and promotes a healthy response to occasional stress.*

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Helps with fatigue and sleep. 

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Helps restore balance when we’re feeling depleted