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Our Founder & CEO 

Haben Girmay believes everyone is worthy of feeling beautiful and confident in the skin they’re in. As the founder and CEO of Shikorina by Habi, she is passionate about using natural remedies and educating her clients on the underlying root cause of their skin condition. Over-the-counter products, with their seemingly endless and mystifying list of ingredients, may treat surface level concerns; but Girmay – a licensed esthetician, master clinical herbalist, certified advanced organic cosmetic science formulator, and a holistic nutritional counselor - teaches that skin is a manifestation of what’s going on internally, and wants to empower people with the tools and knowledge to heal themselves from within. .

 Girmay’s love for skin was cultivated during her childhood. Born in Asmara, Eritrea, she moved to the United States with her mother at the age of four. Her grandmother, who joined Girmay and her mother in the states five years later, was an inspiration and role model to her. A free-spirited and artistic child, Girmay was keenly observant of her grandmother, who had a fervor for skin and beauty, always using plants and herbs as part of her routine. Picking up these insights from her grandmother planted the seeds that would later inspire Girmay to dedicate her life to the skin care profession. Originally planning to study nursing in college, Girmay instead chose to enroll in aesthetician school and pursue what she loved. After completing her studies, she became a makeup artist and started Shikorina by Habi. It wasn’t long before her clients started to inquire about Girmay’s own skin care routine, which she honed from years of healthy eating and creating her own products. She found those sold at the drugstore were often made with harsh chemicals and caused her skin to become too oily or too dry.

With growing interest from clients for her expertise, Girmay expanded her services and began offering skin consultations. In 2017, Girmay launched her skin care line to the public, consisting of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and supplements. By the following year, she became certified in making natural products and got her advanced diploma in organic cosmetic science. Continuing her education, Girmay decided to study herbalism and became a master clinical herbalist in 2020. Today, Girmay frequently shares skin care and wellness techniques with her clients and online community. She is passionate about supporting her audience through alleviating their skin insecurities, emphasizing that the solution is not about investing thousands of dollars into products for a quick fix. She advocates that achieving healthy, radiant skin is possible when combining Earth’s gifts with holistic living.

 About the Company

Shikorina by Habi is a holistic and wellness company specializing in helping people achieve healthy skin for eternity. Shikorina, which stands for beautiful in Tigrinya, understands the difficulty in achieving clear, radiant skin without the proper routine or products. They offer custom-made, plant-based products that are hypoallergenic and use no harsh chemicals. As founder and CEO, Haben Girmay enjoys teaching clients globally that the problem is not what they are using on their skin topically, but what’s going on under the surface. Through in-person and virtual consultations, Girmay and her team offer a personalized approach to help clients resolve their skin concerns. Consultations are held in multiple languages: English, Tirganya, Amharic, Spanish, and Arabic. Experts in diagnosing hyperpigmentation of the skin, specifically treating conditions such as acne and melasma, the Shikorina by Habi team has worked with people from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean islands.

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Our mission

To help you glow not only from the outside , but from the inside . Our goal is to help you feel healthy and look healthy by combining nature with science , with our herbal clinical skincare products, and herbs to help with your wellness so you can be the best version of yourself! We want you to wear your crowns and feel beautiful, confident, healthy and celebrate the shades of color that you’re in !