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What people say

I don't know what my emotional state would have been if my skin was looking the way it was before I meant you ! Thank you for introducing me to your products because I don't know where my skin would have been without meeting you and without you introducing me to your products ! 

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Shikorina is a whole EXPERIENCE. You will be met with professionalism from the moment you sign up for a skin consultation. Not only does Haben tell you what your skin needs but she educates you on WHY and HOW her products will help the issues your skin has. Immediately after you are presented with all of the information and MORE in a well written document that also gives you instructions on how to use her products. Haben’s products are also some of my favorites. First of all, you can’t fina African Black soap like hers ANYWHERE period. Her facial toner is so refreshing and smells amazing. I can go on forever about her products! You won’t be disappointed if you decide to work with Haben and her Shikorina team!

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Samaa E

Before using your products I was self conscious about my bare skin because of the dark circles and dark area around my mouth! Thank you for your products ! 

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Natasha B

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