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Program Testimonials 

I enjoyed the 12 week clear skin program so much . Habi weekly meal plans were so delicious ! I had melasma for many many years, and this program not only cleared my skin, but I was able to manage my melasma with what I learned in this program ! It was the best investment I could of made for myself , and I wish I did this years ago! The Blue Nile Rx depigmentation system removed so much of my melasma , I couldnt believe it ! The best investment ever!   

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I don't know where to start , I was suffering with Melasma & Acne for over 7 years. For years I tired everything under the sun to get rid of my melasma and acne. When I did my virtual Consult with Habi , she explained everything to me . How Melasma doesn't have a cure and that I  have to change a lot of my dietary to improve it with the combo of treating the skin. The 12 week program was absolutely amazing , because it helped change my eating habits, and taught me so much about why the foods had a lot to do with my skin issues. my acne is gone , and my gut health as improved so much ! Speaking with Habi every 2 weeks on our check in were always so educational and fun she makes everything so enjoyable for you , I LOVED working with her and my skin and overall health as improved so much! If I can give her 100 stars I would because this program changed my life so much ! 

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What I love about the program was it was not only about the skin, but she focus on the health as well ! That was why I was so excited to work with Habi and to do the program! Melasma has been a problem I been dealing with my skin , for over 5 years, and as a black women I couldn't find someone who I could trust . I spent a lot of time and money on products for years, but I wish I knew about this program years ago ! The meals were amazing, and the biweekly check-ins with Habi are always so fun and she teaches you a lot . My health improved so much , I had issues with my thyroid and also gut issues , and joining this program honestly improved my issues am so happy with everything thank you to Habi and her team ! 

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