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Acne Essential Kit


Acne Essential Kit, is packed with our best seller that help with fighting acne , and smoothing the skin . 

Weyni Black Soap : Helps get rid of acne and leaves your skin clean without striping your natural oils. 

Abeba: Hydrating and smoothing Abeba will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated also smooth your skin from inflammation . 

Novel 2% BHA: Helps Exfoliate your skin and goes deep to push our oils and dirty to help unclog your pores . Use only 1x a week and after 6 weeks can add it twice a week . 

Rahel 10% Niacinamide : Vitamin B3 smoothing properties and helps with oil production and gently helps with hyperipigmention  . 

Almaz .2% Retinol: Almaz will not only help with skin cell turnover , but will help with hyperpigmentation, exfoliating , and helping your prevent wrinkles. Use this 1 time a week after 7 weeks then add another day . Slow in steady , make sure to use SPF 30-50 on your skin when you start using this active ingredient . 

Luwam Oil Free Moistuizer :  Skin always needs moisturizer , and don't be fooled this oil free moisturizer but it will deliver a light weight hydrating and smooth feel to your skin ; with hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient your skin will feel supply and hydrated with out the oily heavy feel