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Blue Nile Rx HyperFade 5% Cysteamine


Blue Nile Rx HyperFade 5% Cysteamine Cream is a innovative wash -off treatment that is applied to dry, uncleansed skin. It contains a powerful blend of 5% cysteamine, a cutting-edge ingredient that has been significant efficacy in improving the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation . 

With daily use , your skin will feel smoother and your complexion will look more even-toned . 


How to use:  Use once a day before cleansing . Apply a thin layer to dry skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. It if normal to experience a mild tingling or warm sensation . Thoroughly rinse off using Birhan Cleanser , and follow the rest of your Glow Kit routine . 


Make sure to apply sunscreen in the morning . 


Who should use it : People fighting stubborn hyperpigmentation like melasma, post-acne dark marks, uneven skintone or rough texture, this is for you ! 


Avoid using Benzoyl Peroxide, high levels of AHA/BHAs or rethinol while using HyperFade for the first couple weeks.