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Blue Nile Rx Depigmentation Crème Lite


All Blue Nile Rx products are medical grade topically treatments that require a virtual skin consultation appointment . 

All Blue Nile Rx products are custom made based on patients skin concerns . 


Blue Nile Rx Lite regulates the production of new melanin and avoids the reappearance of hyperpigmented spots.

This action is achieved through the exclusive combination of ingredients with proven efficacy that act on all phases of the hyperpigmentation process:

  •  inhibition of tyrosinase activation, which minimizes the production of melanin
  • blocking the transfer of melanin between the melanosome and the keratinocytes, thus preventing the spread of the pigment to the surface
  •  destruction of melanin deposits, avoiding their accumulation;
  • increase the renewal of the epidermis by intensively eliminating the accumulation of existing melanin.


Blue Nile Rx Lite contains a lower dosage of active ingredients than the Blue Nile Rx original depigmentation and max depigmentation  . Blue Nile Rx Lite 20g 

 Key active ingredients : Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, and  Phytic Acid

Bottle packages can change at times 

  Takes 8 to 10 business day to be made and is shipped out as a fresh batch .